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If you are looking to buy Colorado property, land or house in Grand Junction and surrounding communities, you have found the right place of real estate services. We help to buy property, land and houses for sale in Colorado. Colorado attracts many home buyers year-round. If you can’t find the right home or investment property on the market, we at Colorado 970 Real Estate are ready to help you. If you’re going to buy property, we recommend finding it in Colorado.

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The Colorado economy is red-hot, and you could get in on property that could greatly improve your financial standing over the next few years. With Colorado 970 Real Estate, we consider it our privilege to share with you the ins and outs of buying Colorado real estate. From your initial search to the moment you get the keys to your new home, we will be there, guiding you through the process. Whether you are just beginning your real estate investment adventure or you want to add to an already robust portfolio, Colorado property can be a safe and profitable choice.

It is important to know where to buy, the area and its benefits. However, to select the right location it is necessary to know the budget we have. As a Colorado Real Estate agent, we can assist you in every step of the way during the selection of the area. Mountain towns are the backbone of Colorado’s culture. From ski resorts to hiking trails, these towns offer it all. Mountain towns take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city and welcome you with a warm hug. Colorado loves its craft beer, no doubt. But it’s got a wine country, too, with Western Slope wineries and tasting rooms in Grand Junction, where warm days and cold nights produce some hearty grapes. Grand Junction is also a playground for outdoor lovers, as Colorado National Monument’s red rock canyons are a destination for camping, hiking, mountain biking, and rafting. Bighorn sheep and eagles make cameos, to boot. Colorado home prices rising fast. According to CoreLogic, Colorado home prices rose by 9.8% between February 2014 and February 2015, a bigger jump than any other state in the country.

For a very long time Colorado was a much underrated state. It’s always had a very high quality of life and the mountains have longtime made it a fantastic vacation destination all year round. For the better or worse, the cat is finally out of the bag and it’s no longer a secret that Colorado is one of the best states in the nation to live at the moment. Over the last few years, people are moving to Colorado from all over the country at a very high rate. From the thriving local economy to an abundance of beautiful nature and things to do, it’s really no surprise at all. Buying a property in Colorado continues to be one of America’s favorite ways to invest.

An investment property should be about increasing your wealth and securing your financial future. Colorado is one of the fastest growing markets in the US. Since we all know, they are not making any new land, it is a great place to buy. Colorado is a gorgeous state with diverse landscapes ranging from mountains and plateaus to rivers and valleys. Lovers of the outdoors may wish to build their own dream home in their favorite area of Colorado. Real estate investors may also find a great deal on a lot that could offer an affordable way to build an investment property. Colorado offers so many great outdoor activities there’s really no excuse for being a couch potato. That fact is represented in the state’s obesity rate—20.4%. That may sound like a lot, but it’s actually the second-lowest rate in the country. You don’t have to become an ultra-marathon runner if you live here, but you’ll probably find yourself doing activities outdoors more often than in other states.

Colorado is a tough place for first time home buyers. They simply don’t have the disposable income available to compete. But if you can afford a second home and have the experience to back it up, then Colorado is the perfect place to buy. A variety of properties are available in this area ranging from condominiums and townhouses close to the college, to large acreage estates out in the beautiful hill country. You will also be able to find affordable small town bungalows, along with large acre parcels that are ready for your own dream home.

We as Colorado Real Estate agents, want to help you achieve your dreams by finding the right land or other real estate you are looking for in Grand Junction and its surroundings. You can find all types of properties with us from very affordable to more luxurious and sprawling. With a vast amount of spacious real estate properties, you can find the right area to fit your needs. We pride ourselves in being able to give all our clients important local information based on years of living and enjoying all the Grand Junction Colorado area has to offer. Every transaction is different, and there is a lot that can happen in your journey to buy a home in Denver. Working with a dedicated Colorado real estate agent on your next home purchase will save you time and add professional assurance to every step of the process.

When planning to buy a new property, you need someone who knows this area inside and out! As Grand Junction Real Estate experts, we can work with you to find the right home at the right price for you, including all the neighborhood amenities that matter. Our professional will take the time to explain the entire buying process, from selection to closing, so that you’re comfortable before we begin. We are committed to fast, professional and courteous service to help you understand and feel at ease throughout the home buying process. When you’re ready to jump in, contact one of our real estate agent, they will put their keen negotiating skills, in-depth market knowledge, and experience to work for you — helping you navigate the home buying process from start to closing!